How to Get Better Mileage on Tyres

The question as to how many miles or kilometres one can run on a new set of tyres depends a lot on what type of running you do. It also depends on road conditions and other access streets you use in your regular travelling.

If you are travelling on a bad road surface, specially rutty roads bulk of the time it is very unlikely that you would get Tyre 06the expected mileage from the mobile wheels.

Your driving habits are also important. A young driver who does wheelies and brakes hard driving at high speeds will not gain much mileage. Fast cornering wastes the outer edges of the tyre, and the specified thread thickness of 3 mm would not hold for a long time.

Another question that arises is the tyre pressure. Both under inflating and over inflating will cause heavy tyre wastage thus reducing the lifespan of the tyres. Tyre pressure is recommended in the user’s manual provided by the car manufacturer. A better opinion could be obtained from your local tyre dealer who knows the geography of the area and also has knowledge abut the state of the roads in the vicinity. Cars, passenger vans and Suv’s all need different types of tyres with different tyre pressures.

Tyre 07The correct air pressure will result in a more comfortable ride. The vehicle will also handle better and you would save money by not having to replace steering and suspension components. Careful driving with the appropriate air pressure at around 50MPH would increase your tyre life considerably.

Once every 10,000 miles, you need to rebalance your wheels and correct the wheel alignment and camber as necessary. Something that could be done by any reputed tyre dealer but it is recommended that you find one located in the region you live. If you are driving on rutty roads, it is better to drive slowly in low gear. When you drive over a hump that is also called a speed breaker you should try and go over it at an angle rather than driving straight over it.

It should be borne in mind that un unladen car or truck needs to have a tyre pressure that is different from a loaded Tyre 08vehicle. Heavy vehicles carrying metal and heavy goods undergo a great deal of wear and tear and this would be that much more if the tyre pressure is not adjusted accordingly.

A tyre dealer who provides a mobile service could advise best on how to get the maximum mileage on your vehicle.…