Car care

Ways to keep your car looking new

Most of us car owners treat our wheels like they are one of the kids. We sometimes pay too much attention to our cars. Most of us are always taking it to the car wash and waxing them to make them look good all the time, because if the vehicle looks good, then you as the driver looks good as well.

Everyone loves the look of a brand new car or truck, but after time, it is hard to keep that brand new look. There are ways to keep your vehicle looking brand new all the time. Read on and find out more.

Washing your vehicle

2They have car washes all over the place, where you can do it yourself, or you can drive it through a car wash and rollers which will do all the work for you. Nothing works as good as if you wash your car your self. When it is your vehicle, you put more work into it to make it look the way you want it to be. You can walk into an auto store and buy washing materials and tools for your car and truck; they are actually all the same.

Spot-free rinse

When you get done washing your car, you always rinse it only to get water spots. You can buy a spot-free rinse that has a filter that will take out the chemical and the hard deposits that are in the water. They are very easy to use; just screw the hose on the end of the hose and pull the trigger. You will see the difference because when you use a spot-free rinse, the water will not bead up on the vehicle like when you just use plain water out of the hose. You will have to change the filter now and then. You can buy the filters at any auto parts store.

Drying with a shammy

After you get done with the spot-free rinse, you will have to dry the vehicle. When you use a rag or a towel, you will get streaks from the towel. They make shammy that will take all the streaks out; they are made of a material that will absorb all the water. You can use them over and over again. You can get them at any auto parts store.

Take your car to a car wash detailers

3Car Wash Detailers will help you make sure that your automobile will look like it’s new again. You can request them to do pretty much everything that you want to be done on your vehicle so that it will have that nice look once again, like it had when you bought it.…